Advances on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have unleashed several opportunities to introduce "smartness" in several application domains and in particular into hour homes.

The SmartHeat project aims to leverage on modern IoT technologies in order to radically change the home heating experience for health, comfort and wellbeing of elderly people. The goal will be achieved via the development of a smart, secure and elderly friendly ICT system for heating monitoring and control. A key building block of the platform is what we call the smartTRV. The smartTRV is a smart version of the current eTRVs. It is equipped with a set of technologies to understand the environment and the user needs and to wirelessly communicate with other smartTRVs installed on other radiators or with other different devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Internet of Things and smart home

The SmartHeat solution leverages on IoT technologies, in order to transform a passive and isolated radiator into a smart objects connected to the Internet and able to interact with the user.

Electronic components and integration

The smartTRV has an electronnic module which is the brain of the valve and it is the component which allows the radiator to interact with the Internet and with the end user and allows environmental monitoring and radiator control.

Industrial design

The SmartHeat project is strongly focused on the end users and their satisfaction. The consortium aims to produce, at the end of the project, a prototype which is very close to exploitation on the market.

User involvement, analysis and assessment

The end users are involved in the project since the beginning. This will maximize the chances of satisfaction of the end user and will lower the adoption barriers.


First Pilot studies running in Austria and Switzerland

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Representatives from the SmartHeat consortium were present during the AAL FORUM in Bilbao presenting the final results of the project.

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Final Project Meeting in Spain

The final partners meeting of the SmartHeat project took place in Barcelona, Spain on the 26th and 27th of April 2018.

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March 2018 - SmartHeat in French-Swiss Innovation Forum Silver Economy

Representatives from the SmartHeat consortium participated in the French-Swiss Innovation Forum Silver Economy that took place in Neuchâtel March 22, to promote the project's achievemnts

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March 2018 - SmartHeat in “die50plus”

Representatives from the SmartHeat consortium participated in the consumer fair “die50plus” that took place March 3-5 in Weinfelden, to promote the project's achievemnts.

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SmartHeat in MEDICA 2017

Representatives from the SmartHeat consortium were present during the MEDICA International Trade Fair and Conferences for Medical Technology, last November. During the trade fair they had the opportunity to meet various stakeholders and promote our activities.

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4th progress meeting in Rome

During the 9th and 10th of October the 4th progress meeting of SmartHeat took place in Rome, Italy.

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SmartHeat in 2017 AAL Forum

From the 2nd till 4th of October we had the opportunity to exhibit and present SmartHeat in the 2017 AAL Forum in Coimbra, Portugal.

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Aging 2.0 in Hasselt

On the 24th of May we had the opportunity to exhibit and pitch for SmartHeat during Aging 2.0 European Summit in Hasselt, Belgium. SmartHeat technologies were presented in a stand in the Innovation Area of the Summit, while a SmartHeat pitch took place in the event's auditorium in front of the main audience.

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3rd Progress meeting in Bucharest

On 3rd and 4th of April the SmartHeat partners met in Bucharest! During the meeting, the consortium discussed about the current issues and the future steps of the project.

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First Pilots

On February 2017 the first pilots took place in Austria and Switzerland! During these pilots we had the opportunity to test the system in real life's situations receiving valuable feedback for the further improvement of the product.

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Worksop in Active and Assisted living Programme

On February 2017 UNIGE had the honor to present SmartHeat to the University of Applied Science and Arts as an example of successful AAL project! In the following link you can find more information.

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Ready for the first trials!

On December 2016 the system integration completed successfully and we are ready for the first trials with the end users!

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SmartHeat in AAL FORUM 2016

SmartHeat was represented in the AAL Forun 2016 that took place in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

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Consortium meeting in Palma

On September of 2016 the second project's progress meeting took place in Palma de Mallorca.