University of Geneva (CH)

UNIGE is participating in the SmartHeat project to develop innovative presence detection systems. We expect that this new knowledge and modules can be used later for doing breakthroughs in indoor positioning solutions. We expect also that one of our researcher, Abbass Hammoud, does his PhD on SmartHeat.

Modosmart S.L. (ES)

In the SmartHeat project ModoSmart brings its expertise on IoT device development. The company coordinates the design and development of the SmartHeat temperature monitoring and control system, which consists of smart devices able to control the temperature of every room based on occupancy and proximity detection. Besides providing technical coordination, ModoSmart is mainly responsible for the low power communication of the SmartHeat devices and for their connection to the Internet. ModoSmart is also involved in the pilot implementation for testing and validating the SmartHeat solution in realistic environment.


MX_SI is moved on the basis of continuously exploring design and architectural essence as a logical and comprehensive dialogue among people, structure, geometry, context, spatial and visual expression.

Thanks to the SmartHeat project, our team has the chance to develop a new way of thinking design, starting from the costumers needs and going through the entire process of product creation. In this way we can use our know-how to improve the user experience while interacting with the SmartHeat system.

The final product is aimed to be attractive, friendly and designed around the elderly's everyday context.

Sensor ID s.n.c. (IT)

Text will be available soon

terzStiftung (CH)

In her function as an interest body for elderly people, terzStiftung follows the objective to improve the quality of life for the third and fourth generations. The SmartHeat system we are going to develop pursues the idea to promote a generation friendly heating system, responding to the specific requirements and living conditions elderly people are confronted with in their daily lifes. The smart heat system will therefore solve specific needs of heating, ease of use and personal preferences of both elderly people and their caregivers in their capacity as informed customers and end-users


As an organization that promotes the quality of life of older people, it is very important to us that elderly people can live in their familiar surroundings independently and as long as possible. To make this possible, nowadays the use of new technologies is essential - SmartHeat can hereby make a valuable contribution by detecting the heating needs of the target group and thus contributes to health, well-being, independent living at home and cost savings.

Gluk Advice B.V. (NL)

Gluk Advice B.V. is a Company that is oriented in Technological (IT) and Business activities. One significant area that we are active is the IoT biotope both in the technological and business point of view.

SmartHeat Project is an opportunity for us to further exploit IoT technologies and is a big challenge to commercialize the results. As a company involved in industrial technologically projects we always aim in the real product development and introduction to the market. At the end of the project we will be happy if we end with a ready-on to the market product coming from the project.

An added value for the Company is also the access to major transnational networks of expertise and the publicity and prestige arising from the European "label" of the project.

Important finally for the company is the total collaboration lifecycle with the rest partners of the project, in terms of exchanging knowledge and practices, understanding philosophy of other EU countries in collaboration and social matters.

Teamnet International (RO)

Teamnet is excited to be part of the SmartHeat project and is looking forward to develop the intelligent algorithms which will enable the SmartHeat system, together with the user gateways. Furthermore, Teamnet will collaborate with all the partners so as to develop a strong business and exploitation plan for the SmartHeat solution in order to bring this successful and innovative project to the market and thus provide the users with a smart and integrated solution to heating challenges inside the home.