September 2018 - SmartHeat in AAL FORUM 2018

Representatives from the SmartHeat consortium were present during the AAL FORUM in Bilbao presenting the final results of the project.

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April 2018 - Final Project Meeting in Barcelona

The final partners meeting of the SmartHeat project took place in Barcelona on the 26th and 27th of April 2018. During the meeting the partners evaluated the results from the 2nd pilot and discussed about the final steps of the project. An important part of the meeting was dedicated to the future strategy about the project exit to the market.

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March 2018 - French-Swiss Innovation Forum Silver Economy

Representatives from the SmartHeat consortium participated in the French-Swiss Innovation Forum Silver Economy that took place in Neuchâtel March 22, to promote the project's achievemnts

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March 2018 - SmartHeat in “die50plus”

Representatives from the SmartHeat consortium participated in the consumer fair “die50plus” that took place March 3-5 in Weinfelden, to promote the project's achievemnts

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November 2017 - SmartHeat in MEDICA

Representatives from the SmartHeat consortium were present during the MEDICA International Trade Fair and Conferences for Medical Technology, last November. During the trade fair they had the opportunity to meet various stakeholders and promote our activities.

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October 2017 - SmartHeat progress meeting in Rome

During the 9th and 10th of October, the 4th progress meeting of SmartHeat took place in Rome. The partners we had the opportunity to discuss about the latest technical developments of the project, plan the next pilot testing and also finalise the business models and the business development strategy.

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October 2017 - SmartHeat in AAL Forum in Coimbra

Next stop for SmartHeat was Coimbra in Portugal. In the beginning of October another opportunity for showcasing came up for SmartHeat. Representatives from the SmartHeat consortium were present in the AAL Forum 2017, where they had the opportunity to present the Project. Through the UniGE's booth the forum's visitors had a chance to see the fundamental components of the system and be informed about the latest innovations.

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May 2017 - Aging 2.0 in Hasselt

On the 24th of May we had the opportunity to exhibit and pitch for SmartHeat during Aging 2.0 European Summit in Hasselt, Belgium. SmartHeat technologies were presented in a stand in the Innovation Area of the Summit, while a SmartHeat pitch took place in the event's auditorium in front of the main audience.

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April 2017 - 3rd Progress meeting in Bucharest

On 3rd and 4th of April the SmartHeat partners met in Bucharest! During the meeting, the consortium discussed about the current issues and the future steps of the project.

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February 2017 - First Pilots

On February 2017 the first pilots took place in Austria and Switzerland! During these pilots we had the opportunity to test the system in real life's situations receiving valuable feedback for the further improvement of the product.

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February 2017 - Workshop in Active and Assisted Living Programme

On February 2017 UNIGE had the honor to present SmartHeat to the University of Applied Science and Arts as an example of successful AAL project!

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December 2016 - Ready for the first trials!

On December 2016 the system integration completed successfully and we are ready for the first trials!

The technical partner of SmarHeat after a period of intensive collaboration finally completed successfully the first system integration.

Further internal testing will follow so as to ensure the robustness and efficiency of the system and the same time the End Users organizations will plan the tests in the field.

Everybody in the consortium we are excited and we are looking forward to see the SmartHeat functioning into the real world!

September 2016 - SmartHeat in AAL Forum 2016

SmartHeat was represented in the AAL Forum 2016 that took place in St. Gallen in Switzerland.

SmartHeat was extended presented in the University of Geneva booth in the exhibition area. Many people visited the booth where they had the opportunity to discuss further with the colleagues and learn about SmartHeat.

The prototypes that were available at the booth attracted a lot of people and we believe that SmartHeat was one of the most attractive projects in the exhibition.

SmartHeat's poster also was mounted for 3 days in the exhibition hall. Colleagues were also there meeting people and gathering feedback about the project, while also creating new exploitation opportunities for SmartHeat.

All the people from UNIGE, GLUK and terzStiftung during the AAL forum were also networking and building a stronger representation for the project.

Looking forward for the next AAL Forum, to present there, the new developments and the integrated version of SmartHeat!

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September 2016 - 2nd Progress Meeting in Palma

On September of 2016 (19th-20th) the 2nd SmartHeat consortium meeting took place in Palma de Mallorca. The meeting was organized by Modosmart.

The meeting was successful since during the 2-day meeting many important discussions took place leading to tangible outcomes and decisions for the future of the project.

In the first day of the meeting the load of the discussions was set in the business development procedures of SmartHeat and in the organization of the upcoming trials.

In the second day of the meeting it was the turn of the technical partners to present their achievements. Impressive demo's of hardware equipment and software interfaces took place, giving to the consortium the confidence of success.

Another major achievement that took place in the second day of the meeting was the setup of the technical components integration plan. The technical partners exchanged their opinions and concluded into the integration plan, which will make the first version of the SmartHeat's prototype available to be tested by the end users on January 2017.

From now on we are looking forward to a succesful validation of the integrated SmartHeat system, by end users, in early 2017!

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July 2016 - End Users Workshop in Switzerland

On July of 2016 another end users workshop took place in Switzerland.

During this workshop the end users had the opportunity, among the others, to actual use part of the SmartHeat's interafce via tablets and provide their valuable feedback in the design process.

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March 2016 - Progress Meeting in Geneva

On March of 2016 (14th-15th) the SmartHeat consortium meeting took place in Geneva. The meeting was hosted by University of Geneva (TaM R&D team). We had a very productive meeting where we discussed and planned the next actions for our project.

The end users organizations partners presented us the initial findings and we had an extended discussion in order to further elaborate the findings into valuable input for the technical developments.

Our technical partners presented us their initial approach for the implementation and discussions made on the way to follow. That was a very important part in the meeting regarding the next steps, since the system developments are starting on April 2016.

Significant work has also been made regarding the business exploitation of the project and product orientation of the SmartHeat prototype.

We are looking forward to start developing the SmartHeat system and prepare the first field trials during 2016!

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October 2015 - Project Kick Off

On the 27th of October the virtual Kick Off meeting of the Project took place. The main scope of the meeting to discuss the first steps of the project and upon the general planning. A physical Kick Off meeting will follow so as to know each other better and advance the project actions.

October 2015 - Project begins

After some months of waiting finally the SmartHeat project officially started on the 1st of October.