University of Geneva (CH) - Project Coordinator

The University of Geneva participates in the project with the TaM R&D team. Created in January 2012, TaM is currently participating in different national and international R&D projects, all linked to indoor positioning techniques, maps, navigation and processing of data coming from smartphones' sensors. Our team is composed of PhD candidates, scientists and developers. We have the know-how to cover the complete lifecycle of a R&D project, from its initial idea to a fully operational prototype. By using agile development methods, we combine the advantages of fast prototyping, early involvement of users, and high-quality products. One of our main development is the Global Positioning Module, which allows integration of localization information coming from any type of source, from GPS to RFID's, and from visual tags to sensor information and RF based localization (like WiFi and 3G). By studying the moves of a user in its home, they can also detect unusual behaviours. For instance a user spending too much time in some areas (bathroom, corridor...) or that doesn't pass by some "checkpoints" (kitchen at lunch time, toilets for a while...) can be suspicious.


Modosmart S.L. (ES)

ModoSmart S.L. is an SME providing devices and solutions for comfort and energy savings in homes and buildings. The company has been created to answer the challenge of living in a comfortable environment and at the same time reducing energy bills.

ModoSmart's solutions are based on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies which allow any object to be connected (they are monitored and controlled via the Internet) and smart (they act autonomously without human intervention). The company has large expertise on IoT technologies, in particular on low power communication protocols, embedded electronics, cloud based systems and application development.

In the SmartHeat project ModoSmart brings its expertise on IoT device development. The company coordinates the design and development of the SmartHeat temperature monitoring and control system, which consists of smart devices able to control the temperature of every room based on occupancy and proximity detection. Besides providing technical coordination, ModoSmart is mainly responsible for the low power communication of the SmartHeat devices and for their connection to the Internet. ModoSmart is also involved in the pilot implementation for testing and validating the SmartHeat solution in realistic environment.



MX_SI is an experimental architecture studio, formed by international architects based in Barcelona. The studio was founded in 2005 on receiving the first prize for the architectural design competition for the Federico Garcia Lorca Centre in Granada, Spain. Gradually, its creative activity has been consolidated by winning numerous awards in national and international architectural design competitions such as Europan 8 in Gothenburg Sweden 2006, The Auditorium of Lucena Cordoba 2006, ROG art Centre in Ljubljana 2008, and the museum of Contemporary Arts Gosta Pavilion for the Serlachius Foundation in Finland 2011.

MXSI projects have been recognized by their excellence in architecture and urban design, receiving the Spanish National Architecture Award 2013 and the "AJAC award" for young architects in Catalonia 2010. After completing some of their large scale projects, they have broadened their interests, introducing to their agendas experiments in small scale objects and product design. They seek for integration of good contemporary design into technological devices. Their work is characterized by its versatility for solving complex programs, understanding user needs and specific cultural and social contexts in relation to the outward appearance of a project, independently of the scale they develop, from urbanism, to product design.


Sensor ID s.n.c. (IT)

SENSOR ID is a company founded by a team of young engineers and that polarizes its own activity into design and production of devices dedicated to Internet of Things applications. Thanks to the experience gained with CUBIT Wireless Innovation Lab and University of Pisa, SENSOR ID has developed a strong know-how in wireless technology standard integration and implementation and in wireless network topology design. The company has built a complete portfolio of embedded electronic modules based on NFC, UHF RFID technology and ZigBee, designed for different kinds of application such as identification, payment, sensor data collection, etc. Sensor ID has strong partnership with important silicon manufacturers like NXP and AMS regarding design of RFID modules based on their integrated circuits. The company has a strong knowledge of main microcontroller architectures and the main RF transceiver for RFID and wireless sensor network applications and has also developed sever desktop and mobile application interacting with its own designed products. Sensor ID is able to design and to internally produce electronic devices according to specific customer requirements and is able to deliver products with software and hardware customizations.

The company has an SMD production line that enables the industrialization of own developed products and the realization of prototypes and products developed by customers or partners. Sensor ID is involved in several R&D projects regarding the integration of RFID systems in different application scenario such as automotive (with collaborations with FIAT Research Center, TRW, Denso, etc.), access control and security (with collaborations with ISEO Serrature, Tenaris), biomedical, building automation and process control. Moreover Sensor ID has joined R&D projects with the University of Pisa and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna regarding design and development of new wireless sensor for biomedical applications and wireless sensor networks for safety and monitoring applications.


terzStiftung (CH)

terzStiftung is a Swiss foundation operating as a representative body for mature people and as a service provider in the market for elderly people. Composed as a membership organization, terzStiftung maintains close ties to both private households from the target groups 50+ and professional partners in politics, media, research and the business sector. The foundation has realized various campaigns and projects in Switzerland and the EU, following the objective to develop and enforce generation friendly solutions in the areas of living, health, finances and mobility. Her mission covers the promotion of the interests of mature people, of modern perspectives on elderly generations and of the socio-economic opportunities their active societal participation provides. Services comprise research on generation-friendly markets and end-user requirements, information, consulting and education, societal and media dialogue, representation of interests, transparency and consumer protection as well as project and product development.



EURAG Austria, the local platform of the umbrella organization EURAG Europe, has extensive experience in European projects that aim at combating age discrimination and promoting the physical and mental health of the older population to ensure quality of life in old age. EURAG has advisory status in the NGO Committee on Ageing of the United Nations and collaborates closely with universities and care institutions, federal and local governments and the media. Through the Academic Advisory Board EURAG Austria has access to research and development of new strategies and technologies.

The main focus of EURAG Austria lies in:

  • obtaining life quality and self determination of senior citizens
  • maintaining solidarity between the generations
  • empowering the older generation
  • preventing discrimination and exclusion of older people.

During the last decade, EURAG Austria was involved in different EU-projects (Leonardo da Vinci, (intergenerational Portfolio management), Grundtvig, Daphne, (Prevention of elder abuse), AAL projects "Stimulate", "GeTVivid","ProMe" and "vAssist") and has organized sizable international conferences concerning the topic of ageing. (e.g. "Healthy Ageing in Europe") as well as international symposia and workshops.


Gluk Advice B.V. (NL)

Gluk Advice B.V. is an SME established in 2012, located in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Goal of the Company is to create honest work and solutions, which are exploratory, inspirational and quality driven. Gluk Advice B.V. is a Company that is oriented in Technological (IT) and Business activities. Technological subjects that the Company holds experience and is active are, IT Healthcare, Online Communities and Big Data management, Smart Sensors networks, Earth Observation data driven value added services. For all the above we find the markets and with our solutions we contribute in the market expansion.

Gluk Advice B.V. supports new business development, providing strategy-planning support, pitfall avoidance and business process management consultancy. The company offers services in product development lifecycle, services customization according to the customers' needs and specialized design and implementation of tailored made solutions towards the final integration. Towards our research activities we ensure that we keep up with the latest trends. Through the participation in Technological Research European funded projects we are meeting new researchers, we exchanging know how, and always targeting in an optimal result.


Teamnet International (RO)

Teamnet is one of the leading IT system integrators in the Eastern Europe region. The group constantly invests in technologies such as Cloud, GIS, Robotics and SCADA, aiming to bring innovative solutions closer to the present.

With almost 15 years of activity, Teamnet has experienced an accelerated development in almost every aspect of its business. The group has begun the regional expansion in 2010, relying on its strong expertise in software and consulting, aiming to increase the competitiveness of the organizations in the region. Currently, Teamnet has offices in 6 countries (Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Belgium) and operates in 10 others. The Group gathers approximately 800 experts with thousands of team certifications.

Since 2011, Teamnet has constantly invested its efforts in the field of Research&Development, in line with its long-term sustained endeavor to develop innovative solutions and align its technology with the latest trends on the market. An important number of Teamnet's R&D projects are therefore developed through European Programs such as FP7, AAL, CELTIC, CIP or HORIZON 2020 and address various fields of expertise such as health, active ageing, transports, automation and emergency situations.