The following success parameters for the SmartHeat project have been defined and we will try to achieve during the project execution.

  • Number of pilots set up

    Minimum 20 pilots in the two validation iterations.

  • Number of smartTRV developed

    With an average of 10 smartTRV per pilot, a minimum of 200 smartTRV will have to be developed.

  • Energy bill saving

    A reduction of a 30% in average on the gas bill during the two validation iterations.

  • Number of end users involved in the field trials

    A minimum of 30 end users during the two validation iterations, considering older adults and informal/formal carers.

  • Older adult acceptance

    Ratio between the potential user recruited and the users which allows us to set up the pilot in their house (minimum 15).

  • User satisfaction

    End users which are satisfied with the SmartHeat solutions. User satisfaction will be evaluated with questionnaire and user groups.

  • SmartHeat platform reliability

    Minimisation of the numer of failures. The failure is calsulated as the ratio between the system operation failed (e.g. a command not arrived to a radiator) and the total number of operations. The failure target is 0.01% (i.e. 99.9% of success probability).

  • Creation of considerable community around the SmartHeat platform

    Project results properly disseminated among the scientific, industrial and end user community.